Hello and thanks for joining me! Today is a day I’ve been looking forward to for a long time and I cannot believe it’s finally here. I’ve torpedoed my status quo and packed my bags. I am taking some time to follow my creative pursuits and see where it leads me. In particular, developing my baking and photography. What better place to nurture both of those interests than Germany, so I’m off for a little adventure. I’m starting this site to document what I’m creating and what I’m up to, so the beginning of a journey seems like a good time to launch. It’s bare bones at the moment, but I expect it to grow along with me.

Bumble along with me on this trip as I embarrass myself with my long neglected German skills and an overeager desire to learn and absorb all the baking knowledge I can, while turning my lens on all things odd and beautiful that cross my path.

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