Saving the Best for Last: Königssee

This has been the trip of a lifetime. I need only scroll back through my photos to remind myself how lucky I am. Sometimes I get down, comparing myself to friends who are proud homeowners, or who have growing families of loving children. As happy as I am for them, in my moments of clarity I know if those things were truly priorities for me, I would, or at least could, have them too. I remind myself I’m lucky in other ways. I have been fortunate to do a good deal of travel in my life, and I know that is certainly a privilege. Travel makes me feel so alive. My brain is wired to light up when I discover something new. I love to learn. My dream job would be something like getting paid to be a traveling student who photographs everything in sight. (Basically, what I’ve been doing, but if somebody wants to pay me that would be super cool.) Meanwhile, as I continue to drain my bank account, I’ll  repeat the mantra to myself that I’d much rather collect experiences than things.

With that in mind, I think it may be appropriate to keep my post for this stop brief and let the photos show rather than tell. Berchtesgaden was my last stop on my Eurail journey before my return to Munich to fly home. Buoyed by my inspiring trek from Ramsau to Hintersee, I opted to walk from the Berchtesgaden rail station to Königssee. I finally reached my #1 destination near the end of my trip. As I walked through scene after scene of storybook beauty, I thought to myself, “Bury me here.” I think you’ll see why.

Aquaduct? Luge-thingie?
Super free range chicken: this dude followed me on a parallel footpath for a bit.
These guys are onto something. This is my new backup plan.

The land surrounding Königssee is so steep you can’t walk it, and it can only be traveled by a licensed electric boat designed to preserve the absofriggin’ clean water. I am so glad they have the foresight to do this to save this pristine place for future generations.

You can take the boat to the farthest tip and hike to another tiny lake called Obersee. This view is in between.









As I was hiking, I came across these two, solo trees at different points on the path. On the left, Romeo. On the right, Juliet. Don’t they just look like they belong together but fate keeps them apart?

I call this “Nude Reclining in Forest.”
Obersee. Absolutely worth the hike.
Iconic St. Bartholomä Church
One last, longing glance

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